36 hour resolutions

I can only imagine that might be how long it takes for someone to lose track

of their 2012 New Years goal.

That is, if you even made one commitment to yourself at all.

It was only in recent years I discovered that each day, not each year,

must be a New Days Resolution.

With that attitude, I have truly committed to ME to be changed.

I have now kept over 70 pounds off which makes me about the size I was in 7th grade

and I continue to work out at the fitness center 5 days a week.

It’s been a year and a half since my turn around and my success can only be attributed

to living ONE DAY AT A TIME instead of the popular notion of committing

to one YEAR at a time.

Live well and prosper in 2012. You deserve it whether you accept that or not.

“I am changing.

I’ll be better than I am,

trying every way I can”



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